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Type Collection

Type Collection

ABBM also has collections of scientifically valuable type (Holotype, Paratype) materials.


It is a single physical specimen identified as the primary specimen of a newly described species. When a scientist discovers and formally describes a new species, he usually chooses a single specimen as the holotype. This specimen serves as a reference point for that species, and other specimens can be compared to it to determine whether they belong to the same species.

The holotype is very important in determining the scientific name of the species and describing its features. It is usually stored in a museum or other institution, where it can be preserved and studied by other scientists. The process of determining a holotype is an important step in the taxonomic classification of living organisms and provides clarity and consistency in identifying species.


A complementary specimen or specimens, in addition to the holotype, used to support the description of a new species. Like the holotype, paratypes are initially collected and studied as part of the process of formally defining a new species in taxonomy. Paratypes provide additional examples of species and help illustrate variability within species.

While the holotype is the primary reference specimen of a species, paratypes are also considered important because they contribute to the overall understanding of the species and help scientists recognize the range of morphological variations that may exist. Paratypes are often kept in museums or other scientific institutions along with the holotype, and they serve as a way for other researchers to verify and study the characteristics of identified species.
Asproparthenis omeri Korotyaev, N. Gültekin & L. Gültekin, 2020
Araxia cristofaroi Gültekin & Borovec, 2008
Baris goekseli Korotyaev & Gültekin, 2003
Capelarinus korotyaevi Gültekin & Lyal, 2023
Ceutorhynchus borisi Colonnelli, 2005
Ceutorhynchus doganlari Gültekin, 2005
Ceutorhynchus gemuricus Korotyaev, 1997
Ceutorhynchus isatidis Colonnelli, 2003
Ceutorhynchus loici Korotyaev & Gültekin, 2001
Ceutorhynchus theonae Korotyaev & Cholokava, 1989
Ceutorhynhus dorofeyevi Korotyaev & Gültekin, 2004
Ceutorhynshus sergii Korotyaev, 1989
Cionus anatolicus N. Gültekin, Košťál & L. Gültekin, 2021
Coeliastes rustemi Korotyaev, Gultekin & Colonnelli, 2002
Larinus araxicola Gültekin, 2006
Larinus atauni Gültekin, 2022
Larinus boroveci Gültekin & Perrin, 2018
Larinus capsulatus Gültekin, 2008
Larinus iranicus Gültekin & Podlussány, 2012
Larinus synthesys Gültekin & Perrin, 2018
Larinus trehalanus Gültekin & Shahreyary-Nejad, 2015
Larinus zagros Gültekin & Podlussány, 2012
Lixus davidiani Gültekin & Korotyaev, 2012
Lixus petiolicola Gültekin & Korotyaev, 2011
Melanobaris crambephaga (Korotyaev & Gültekin, 1999)
Melanobaris gloriae Korotyaev & Gültekin, 2003
Mesoxyonyx osellanus Colonnelli, 2005
Mogulones humicola Colonnelli, 2005
Mogulones nesihanae Korotyaev, Gültekin & Colonnelli, 2017
Mogulones rheophilus Colonnelli, 2005
Mogulones sahini Gültekin & Colonnelli, 2006
Mogulones tristis (Korotyaev, 1981)
Nastus fausti tayae Arzanov & Davidian, 1995
Nefis korotyaevi Gültekin, 2013
Otiorhynchus atrohippus Davidian & Yunakov, 2002
Otiorhynchus aziziyensis Davidian & Gültekin, 2015
Otiorhynchus belousovi Davidian & Yunakov, 2002
Otiorhynchus ceratoniae Davidian, Gültekin & Korotyaev, 2017
Otiorhynchus dvaleticus Davidian & Yunakov, 2002
Otiorhynchus ege Davidian & Gültekin, 2015
Otiorhynchus horasanicus Davidian & Gültekin, 2007
Otiorhynchus karadeniz Davidian & Gültekin, 2015
Otiorhynchus karsavurani Davidian & Gültekin, 2006
Otiorhynchus korotyaevi Davidian & Gültekin, 2006
Otiorhynchus leventi Davidian & Yunakov, 2002
Otiorhynchus mlokosevitshi Korotyaev, 2002
Otiorhynhus oezbeki Davidian & Yunakov, 2002
Otiorhynchus torosicus Gültekin & Davidian, 2016
Otiorhynchus viridiporus Davidian & Yunakov, 2002
Otiorhynchus temeli Davidian & Gültekin, 2006
Paroxyonyx maroccanus Colonnelli, 2005
Paroxyonyx squamiger Colonnelli, 2005
Pholicodes armeniacus Davidian, 1992
Pholicodes gubarevi Davidian, 1992
Pholicodes korotyaevi Davidian, 1992
Pholicodes moestificus Davidian, 1992
Phyllobius pesarinii Borovec & Magnano, 2004
Plinthus helenae Davidian, 1992
Plinthus meregallii Davidian, 1992
Polydrusus kadleci Borovec & Germann, 2013
Rhinocyllus alpinus Gültekin, Diotti & Caldara, 2019
Rhinoncus margaritae Korotyaev, 1997
Squamapion latesquamatum Wanat, 1997
Thamiocolus anthracinus Colonnelli, 2005
Thamiocolus dieckmanni Korotyaev & Gültekin, 2020
Thamiocolus hamzai Korotyaev & Gültekin, 2020
Acmaeoderella flavofasciata ciliciana Volkovitsh, 2008
Xantheremia niehuisi Volkovitsh 2011
Agenioideus karsensis Schmid-Egger, Yıldırım & Kaplan, 2021
Agrypnus sarikamisensis Platia, Yıldırım & Kesdek, 2007
Athous artvinensis Platia, Yıldırım & Kesdek, 2007
Brachymeria zelihae Kaplan & Yıldırım, 2022
Celonites cagrii Mauss & Yıldırım, 2022
Ceratanisus diyarbakiricus Nabozhenko & Yıldırım, 2020
Chrysis sultanica Strumia & Yıldırım, 2007
Chrysis yildirimi Strumia & Yıldırım, 2007
Ctenagenia ozbeki Wahis 2002
Cyptocephalus ozbeki Aslan & Warchalowski, 1998
Evagetes anatolicus Smissen 2003
Hemipteochilus simplex Gusenleitner, 2000
Holopyga eroli Strumia & Yıldırım, 2007
Leptochilus palandokenicus Yıldırım & Özbek, 1995
Leptochilus gusenleitneri Yıldırım & Özbek, 1995
Microdynerus erzincanensis Yıldırım & Özbek, 1995
Onychopterocheilus sarikamisensis Yildirim, 2014
Poecilotiphia caucasia Boni Bartalucci, 2016
Priocnemis bingolensis Schmid-Egger, Yıldırım & Kaplan, 2021
Priocnemis diyarbakirensis Schmid-Egger, Yıldırım & Kaplan, 2021
Pyrobombus erzurumensis Özbek, 1990
Sarcophaga trabzonensis Pekbey, Hayat, Richet & Blackith, 2011
Scoricovia anatolica Lelej & Yıldırım, 2009
Tiphia bahattini Yıldırım & Bartalucci, 2009
Tiphia bituberculata Yıldırım & Bartalucci, 2009
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