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Fields of Activity

To contribute to the taxonomic identification and research of species that are of economic importance in terms of agriculture, forest, food, veterinary, aquaculture, pharmacy and medicine for the sustainable use of biodiversity.

To conduct research on the identification of endangered, endemic and rare species and their conservation status, to publish scientific publications, to raise public awareness and to carry out joint studies with relevant institutions.

To prioritize economically and ecologically important pollinator, biological control agent and bioindicator groups from a taxonomic perspective, and to contribute to applied sciences in this field.

To create information about invasive species and to coordinate with international biodiversity units in accelerating taxonomic identification processes.

To conduct nature studies and research, to collect scientific materials and data, and to carry out projects with national and international participation on these issues in order to contribute to the formation of the national biodiversity collection at the regional level.

To provide infrastructure services in terms of taxonomic capacity in determining the species diversity of nature protected areas and National Parks in our country and to be a stakeholder in such studies.

To contribute to the genetic research of species belonging to Türkiye's biodiversity, thanks to the rich scientific collections and laboratories of the Biodiversity Science Museum.

To create a database based on evidence and examples from scientific collections, and to establish networks with national and international organizations.

To carry out joint research, education and scientific publication activities with internationally recognized universities, institutes and natural history museums to increase taxonomic capacity.

To provide infrastructure support for the education and thesis studies of postgraduate students, especially from Atatürk University and regional universities.

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