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Mission and Goals

To provide scientific contribution in taxonomic terms at regional and national levels in order to realize the missions of urgent action to protect biodiversity, ecosystems and endangered species in line with the United Nations' "Sustainable Development Goals", National Biodiversity Goals and "Green Deal" targets,

To conduct joint research with national and international scientists on the detection, taxonomic identification, protection, promotion and sustainability of species that are elements of Türkiye's biodiversity,

To contribute at the regional level to the development of scientific collections for the creation, classification, taxonomic identification, protection and transfer of Türkiye's national biodiversity collection to future generations,

To develop strategies to overcome the lack of taxonomic capacity in species identification, to train scientists qualified as taxonomists, to establish cooperation with taxonomists at national and international levels,

To organize education and social formations for young researchers to know, love, discover and protect nature and living things by ensuring that science and society meet on biodiversity,

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